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Jérôme Schilling wins the Bocuse d'Argent France 2021 in Reims

Jérôme Schilling wins the Bocuse d'Argent France 2021 in Reims

“I would like to thank all my partners, friends, members of my community, my fans and all the employees of the Lalique group who helped me participate in this Bocuse d’Or France 2021 competition. The first person I want to congratulate for his work, his will and his efficiency, is my clerk Florian Mugnier,” says Jérôme Schilling.

The first partner without whom this performance would not have been possible and which comes to mind in Jérôme Schilling’s thanks, is the Lalique group chaired by Mr. Silvio Denz. Maison Lalique has taken up the challenge of supporting the chef by designing unique “tableware” pieces to compose its presentation tray on the theme of its culinary vision. Creativity and transmission are the common values ​​of Maison Lalique and Jérôme Schilling.


Finishing on the 2nd place of the podium in a competition like the Bocuse d’Or France is no easy task, especially for a chef like Jérôme Schilling, who has already been awarded a Michelin star since 2019. Some might say that there was more to lose than to gain in such a competition but, if we take the example of a certain Yannick Alléno (Bocuse d’Argent 1999), this did not prevent the latter, after the competition, to have the success that we know.

Jérôme Schilling continues: “This adventure would not have been possible without the informed senses of my friends chefs Jean Luc Rocha and Jérôme Jaegle, the kindness and professionalism of my kitchen team at the restaurant LALIQUE in Bommes, the immense patience of Mélanie Blatter, the “creativity” of Sébastien Bapsalle, without forgetting the lively reactivity of Frédéric Bour and Laurent Magnier from the printing house in Langon as well as Delphine and Pierre Boccard. Thank you of course to all my family for their support and to my wife without whom nothing would be possible! “

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